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Spend your leisure times with family in Andaman. Because, 'Great Andaman' has plenty to offer to a tourist. Shahi Tours guarantee you that you enjoy those dream days with peace of mind. For this, holidays should have balanced sightseeing, travelling and should be relaxing.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Located in the Bay of Bengal of the South Western coast of South Andaman is one of the best national parks of India, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Around 29 kilometres away from the capital Port Blair is Wandoor that hosts the national park.

The park consists of fifteen islands that are flourished with many marine species and coral reefs. The park hosts many endless lagoons, mangrove trees coral reefs and rainforest. Angelfish, Giant Robber Crab, Grouper Fish, Butterflyfishes, and Surgeonfishes. Many of the fish species that feature inside the waters of Bay of Bengal are said to be endangered. you’ll also be able to come across many kinds of reptiles, birds, and mammals.